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Epicenter Education 

Commitment to Provide Quality​ Programs

We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our programs meet the highest standards in quality and engagement.  Epicenter Education certifies each of the programs offered prior to launching.  


Thank you for choosing Epicenter Education. We are excited to partner with your school! Epicenter is proud to provide relevant, current, and research-based professional development in order to elevate instruction and increase learning. Our energetic and fresh take on professional learning will leave your educators with the necessary tools to advance their practice immediately.  Personalized consulting services will provide focus and new ideas for improving practices and environments. 


How to Select Courses & Consulting Services

After assessing the needs of your school, with possible consideration to accreditation feedback, simply align the identified areas of recommendations or required support to our wide selection of courses. The courses and consulting services are designed to enhance core practices. If you are unsure which courses and/or consulting services to take, we are happy to provide you with a needs assessment analysis.



Our courses are designed to be effective in maximum groups of 30. If your group is larger than 30, please contact us for options and considerations.  Consulting services are typically designed for school administrators and school owners.  We are committed to finding solutions alongside you. 


Building Your Professional Development Days

Our courses are purposefully tailored to 3 and 6 hour blocks of time to align with common contracted days. Choose ONE 6 hour or TWO 3 hour courses for a full day of professional development. After you have made your selections, we will provide professional development calendars, as well as agendas for your trainings.


How to Order Courses & Consulting Services

Visit our Courses page to find a robust selection of professional development course.  Also visit our Consulting page to get your consulting plan started today. 

Additional Needs

If you have additional needs specific to your school, feel free to reach out to us. We have a wide network of highly experienced educators and trainers to address all facets of school development, leadership, culture, and instructional practices. We look forward to providing you with the most comprehensive professional development.

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